“I am so absolutely, completely, head over heels in love with this. Show art that doesn't suck?! Incredible.” Joe Iconis

“I LOVE this poster! Can I have one!” Daniel Ronsen

“This is the best show poster of all time. And I am not exaggerating.” Daniel Everidge

@broadwaycom so excited to see #HeathersMusical! It’s gunna be the best! #BwaySmackdown @AlexandriaCorn

#heathersmusical will probably be the most thrilling moment of my spring break @lephate

“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” @broadwaycom #HeathersMusical over Mean Girls any day. #bwaysmackdown @gotjinks

Fav Actor Quote #21 auditioning #HeathersMusical “Do you have another song in the key of less irritating?” @andyfickman

“@broadwaycom Which movie-turned-musical are you more excited for, HEATHERS or MEAN GIRLS? #BwaySmackdown” @HeathersMusical WITHOUT QUESTION @ryanmccartan

OMG they turned Heathers into a musical off broadway!!!! Love that movie!!! @DecidedlyNick

@broadwaycom SHUT UP HEATHER! @HeathersMusical All the way! #BwaySmackdown @rdruther

Is it me or has pop music gotten better in the last decade? or is it just that auditioners have discovered Cee-Lo? #heathersmusical @LarrylsOKeefe

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